Tri-Guard Intensive Air Filter - 6 Pack

Tri-Guard Intensive Air Filter - 6 Pack
Tri-Guard Intensive Air Filter - 6 Pack
Item# PPN-5637

Tri-Guard Intensive Air Filter - 6 Pack
A Superior Concept in
Air Filtration!

Introducing Tri-Guard Intensive Air Filters from Tri Dim Filter Corporation. Tri-Guard Filters offer you a beautiful, comfortable environment within your home, while keeping maintenance costs low!

Tri-Guard Filters are a multi-denier, depth loading synthetic media constructed into a self supporting panel filter that offers an excellent alternative to pleated pre-filters.

Tri-Guard offers better efficiency, longer service life,
and reduced air bypass!

Tri-Guard Filters are self gasketing, eliminating the dirty air bypass that occurs with ordinary cardboard framed filters. A standard cardboard filter only fills the filter slot on your air conditioning unit to about 70%. That means approximately 30% of the bad air is getting around the sides. But a Tri-Guard Air Filters with the self-gasketing design completely fill the filter slot stopping more debris!

Here's How a Tri-Guard Filter Works

Tri-Guard Filters are available in a variety of sizes perfect for virtually every air conditioning unit!

Tri-Guard Benefits
  • Increased efficiency vs. paper framed panel and pleated filters.
  • Total utilization of filter face area as opposed to 70% or less with paper framed panel or pleated filters.
  • All-synthetic fibers are unaffected by moisture and most corrosive atmospheres.
  • Non-toxic! Non-allergenic! Non-Shedding!

  • Bring the best air quality into your home
    with Tri-Guard Filters! Order today!