Solio BOLT Solar Charger

Solio BOLT Solar Charger
Item# HSG11353

The Solio BOLT solar charger is a portable battery pack for all of your USB powered devices. It's on-board battery can be charged by plugging into the the wall or by placing the BOLT in the sun, storing power for when you need it. The BOLT's integrated USB port, makes it easy to connect to almost any small electronic device.

  • Great for everyday use

  • Simply connect to the BOLT using your deviceʼs own USB charging cable

  • Holds charge for up to a year. The BOLT gives most smartphone two complete charges.

  • The perfect addition to any emergency preparedness kit

  • Quickly charges a variety of portable electronic devices

  • Included pencil turns the BOLT into a sundial for efficient solar charging

  • Charge the BOLT from the wall, USB, or Sun.

The BOLT charges devices at the same rate as their dedicated wall charger. An average smartphone will go from empty to full in just under 90 minutes. Since more devices these days charge by USB, it's simpler than ever to Plug Into the Sun™.

More and more devices these days are powered by USB. The Solio BOLT powers smartphones like the iPhone and Android devices, GPS units and bike computers, e-readers like the Kindle and Kindle Touch, tablets like iPad, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy, speakers like iHome and Jawbone Jambox, bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, HD video cameras, LED Flashlights and so much more!