Portion Pouch Kit-Trio

Portion Pouch Kit-Trio
Item# hsg11315

For Easy Household Clean-Up Chores with A NEW AGE Concept

Multiple concentrated dissolving pouch products for cleaning glass, mirrors, plexiglass, plastic laminate, desk tops, counter tops, carpet spots, vinyl, rubber, tires and bathroom surfaces such as porcelain, tile, grout, toilet bowls, wash basins, tubs and showers... Simple and safe to use with pleasing fragrances.

Krystal Klear™: (Blue Pouch) Window Glass and Plexi-Glass Cleaner

  • After application, dry with a squeegee if available or wipe dry with a clean towel. Cleans all surfaces with no ammonia or alcohol smell. Very good ordor & very pleasent.

  • Over & Out™: (Orange Pouch) Kitchen and Household Product Cleaner

  • Product made from orange peels, citrus smell. Product will clean most dirty areas. Use on carpet to remove ink from carpet. Removed dirt and grease on ovens in kitchens and cleans stoves. Product can be used on wheels, of auto & boats.

  • Royal Flush™: (Bright Pink Pouch) Bathroom Cleaner

  • Will clean mildew on tiles, and showers. After application, use a bowl brush in toilet, then rinse and flush. Use green scrub pad to remove mineral deposits from porcelain and tile surfaces. Use a clean towel to wipe, clean and dry other surfaces.