Penray Car Care Kit

Item# ASOTVP13391

Penray Plus professional grade vehicle glass cleaner:
  • Streak free formula will not leave a film or light-distorting residue.
  • Removes road film, dirt, sap and haze.
  • Designed for the special needs of motorist inside and out
  • Safe for tinted windows
Penray Tire Fix Plus™ Emergency Tire Inflator:
  • Instantly seals punctures and inflates, to get you back on the road
  • No jack or tools required; simple to use
  • Flexible hose applicator for easy attachment to tire valve
  • Works on cars, SUV's, light duty trucks, and trailers
  • Special Leak Detective™ for quick repair
  • Safe for use with all rims
  • Non-Flammable formula

Penray Plus ™ Liquid Tune-Up Kit:
  • 3 in 1 Chemical Tune-up Kit for all cars and light duty trucks
  • Improves gas mileage, maintains clean engine oil, and ensures cooling system longevity
  • FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER - helps remove deposits, clean injectors and provide lubrication
  • OIL TREATMENT - helps stop leaks due to drying, hardening or shrinking of seals, and keeps the engine clean with superior detergents
  • COOLING SYSTEM TREATMENT - helps eliminate corrosion and scale build-up, extending coolant life.