Oh My Shoulder Pillow

Oh My Shoulder Pillow
Item# ASOTVP13383

The OH MY Pillow is the only pillow on the market that is specifically designed for the treatment of shoulder pain and related injuries. This pillow also allows for the arm to be positioned as the patient would wish, and accommodates any arm position in both the prone and lateral positions. Additionally the pillow contours and forms around the shape of the chest for support and comfort. The OH MY Shoulder pillow also allows the patient to use their own bed pillow for maximum comfort.

The benefits of the pillow are many including:

  • Relief of pressure and compression of the painful shoulder
  • Improved restful sleep
  • Reduction of the need for surgical procedures due to a painful shoulder.
  • For the side sleeper: the pillow reduces compression of the shoulder and thus decreases pain associated with arthritis, rotator cuff tendonitis, or rotator cuff tear.
  • Reduces the pressure on the nerves in the axilla and the brachial plexus region.
  • For the prone or belly sleeper: the pillow positions the shoulder and arms in a more physiologic and relaxed position
  • Reduces strain to the shoulders and nerves.

The OH MY Shoulder pillow is made of 100% polyurethane foam and comes in two sizes, regular size 14x14x3.50 and large size 14x14x4.50.

On average the regular size is for individuals who are 170 pounds or less while the large size is for individuals who are greater than 170 pounds.