Norton Professional Sharpening System

Norton Professional Sharpening System
Item# HSG6017

Dull knives make food preparation a chore and potentially dangerous. Keep them sharp with the Norton Professional Sharpening System.

The Norton Professional Sharpening System is compact enough to fit in your kitchen drawer. Yet comes with everything you need to keep your knives sharp, including a combination stone with case, angle guide, lubricating oil and DVD Instructional video.

The case contains a two sided, 8 inch long by two inch wide stone. This allows you to sharpen knives on the coarse side and refine/maintain the edge on the fine side.  The attractive sharpener base and cover are made from a rigid injection-molded plastic for durability and impact resistance. Non-slip feet help keep the base secure on your counter top when sharpening.


Sharp knives make working in the kitchen a pleasure.  Is your knife sharp enough?  Hold a sheet of paper by one end and try slicing clean ribbons from it.  If the knife snags or fails to cut the paper, your knife needs to be sharpened.  Using the Norton Professional Sharpening System will prolong the life of your cutlery, because you have total control over how much material you remove from the knife blade, unlike electric knife sharpeners that end up removing quite a bit of metal each time you use them.

Professional Chefs love it! 
Used at CIA and Johnson & Wales

The Norton Professional Sharpening System -
Convenient Way to Get an Excellent Cutting Edge
on All Your Cutlery.

 *Meets FDA requirements for use near food products.