The Lazy Guy's Easy Weight Loss Method

The Lazy Guy's Easy Weight Loss Method
Item# HSG10104

You CAN Lose Weight!
while still enjoying donuts, pizza, cheeseburgers and all the other fast foods that you love to eat!

About the Book:
A simple system for all you Lazy Guys out there that will make that tummy melt away, all from the comfort of your well-worn couch. Unlike some of the fad diet books on the market that tell you to eat one thing instead of another, this guide actually tells you how to eat what you WANT to and lose weight. The secret has to do with knowing how many calories your favorite dishes have and then knowing how eat the right amount! Don't worry -- no advanced math required! Your body is already wired for you to eat burgers and pizza and still lose weight -- this guide is like your owner's manual.

About the Author:
Mr. Bronzini is not a doctor, a nutritionist, or a dietician. In fact, he has no certification in the medical field, whatsoever. He is simply a Lazy Guy with an amazingly simple, yet effective plan for losing weight. He loves food, and knows that no diet can last if you're giving up your favorite dishes.

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Can't believe no one thought of this sooner!
By Jim Dagny (New York, NY), Dec. 21, 2009 
This book is not only an easy diet, but an easy read. It really is geared for people who don't want to make some drastic, uncomfortable, unrealistic change in their lives. Instead, it teaches you ways to continue eating the food you already love and lose weight doing it! There's no gimmick, no pill, no special things to buy. It's all right there in the book and it's written by a guy who's actually done it. Definitely recommend this book for any guy out there that wants to lose some weight or a lot of weight without stressing.

Bronzini delivers,
By Jonathon Thompkins (Denver, CO) Dec. 30, 2009
The book changed my life, period. Bronzini has a knack for keeping it simple. No gimmicks, no BS...just straight talk from a guy that gets it.