Duracell Powermat

Duracell Powermat
Item# ASOTVduracell

Duracell Powermat allows you to have your iPhone 4/4S or Android smartphone charged & ready to use 24 hours a day! Stay connected whilst you’re on the go, without worrying about your phone battery.

Quick and easy to use. Leave the house or office with a fully charged phone and up to 100% extra battery in your daily portable battery. The portable battery is compatible with iPhone 4/4S and Android phones.

Simply enable your phone with the sleek and protective wireless charge case and set on the Powermat to charge. If you need more power, simultaneously charge your daily portable battery for up to 100% extra battery* on the go.


  Eliminate the tangle of wires and is a charging "home" for your smartphone.

Convenient: Plug it in once and you're ready to charge any of your devices.

Smart: It knows the right amount of energy to send and stops sending power when devices are fully charged so it doesn't waste energy or overcharge batteries.

Power on the Go:
Light: Weighing in at only 3.36 ounces, the Power On The Go backup battery is made to be taken everywhere.

Small: At just 2.75” by 2.75” and 0.6875” tall, this portable backup battery literally puts power in the palm of your hand.

Compatible:  This portable backup battery has onboard Micro-USB and Apple 30 Pin Connectors that can easily connect to most smartphones.

Wireless Case:
with iPhone 4 and 4S

Light: Weighs only 1.2 ounces

Protective: Made with durable shock resistant construction, it protects against scuff scratches and bumps.

Wireless: Built in technology that enables your smartphone to receive power by laying it on the Powermat.