Bottlelink 3-Pack

Item# HSG7067


Have you ever given your baby a bottle or sippy cup only to find that three seconds later it's lying on the ground?  As soon do you give it back to your child, they throw it on the ground again.  Few things are more frustrating and potentially unsanitary. 

Donít worry.  We have a smart
solution that puts a satisfying end
to the bottle "pick up" game!

Bottlelink is a patent pending device that connects to your baby's high chair, stroller, car seat, or any other place that your baby drinks his or her bottle or sippy cup.

Once connected, Bottlelink prevents your baby from throwing his or her bottle or sippy cup onto the ground. If your baby does attempt to throw their bottle, Bottlelink will catch it and prevent it from hitting the floor. Your baby can then still access the bottle by pulling it back up.

Bottlelink prevents your baby from ingesting germs, dirt and hair from a bottle nipple that has hit the floor - especially from a public place. Bottlelink is also dishwasher safe.

Order today and you'll receive 3 BottleLinks for ONE LOW PRICE!